Software Testing Services

Organizations are searching for new methods to cut testing costs while enlarging testing scalability. We advise you instead of testing for quality at the final stage, focus on it during the application development life cycle. Quality is always remains at the back of our minds at Digitaldata Consulting. We know that if you are happy, you will be lining up your products to test through our service.

Digitaldata Consulting is proud to say that it is providing managed Software Testing solutions to the software development companies, as we also offer cloud based test automation services through our testing solution called WebBasedTest, leverage our comprehensive testing services to mitigate time and money consuming, laborious process. This includes prescribing the test cases, execution and bug reports will be given if you want to leverage our comprehensive testing services.

Functional Testing

Functional test automation using ‘Digitaldata Consulting testing tool called WebBasedTest provides you a quick results about your application or product. Functional testing checks that individual function of the software product runs in conformance with the need specification. This testing primarily involves black box testing and it is not bothered about the source code of the product. All functionalities of the system are being tested by offering correct input, checking the output and matching with the real results with the expected results. The testing performed either manually or using automation and we are also offering cloud based testing services through which you can save your money.

Performance Testing

Using WebBasedtest, Software performance testing is done to generate the quality assurance (QA). It involves testing software applications to make sure they would conduct well under their anticipated workload. Characteristics and Functionality assisted by a software system is not the only worry. A software product’s performance like its reply time, do matter. The aim of performance testing is not to discover bugs but to get rid of the performance bottlenecks.

The main aim of Performance testing is verifying a software program are as follows

  • Speed – Checks whether the application responds in the specified time (standards).
  • Scalability – Checks full user load the software application can deal.
  • Stability – Checks if the application is study under different loads
  • Stress – Checks the system performs sufficiently enough if the present load goes well above the expected limit.


Security Testing

Security Testing makes sure, that system and applications in a company, doesn’t have any loopholes that bring a huge loss. Security testing of any system just suggests that discovering the chance of loopholes and weak points of the system which might lead loss of data at the hands of the staff or visitors of the company .The aim of security testing is to check the threats in the system and calculate its capable vulnerabilities. It also assists in finding the chance of security risks in the system and assist developers in fixing these issues through coding.


Types of Security Testing:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Security Operations Center
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Security testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Auditing
  • Posture Assessment
  • Ethical Hacking


End-to-End Testing

Different to System Testing, End-to-End Testing just not only corrects the software system under test and verifies its integration with external interfaces as well. Therefore, the name End-to-End. The aim of End-to-End Testing is to workout full production-like scenario. Along with the software system, it also checks batch/data processing from other upstream/downstream systems. End to End Testing is normally performed post functional and system testing. It uses real production like data and test environment to provoke real-time settings. End-to-End testing can be also being said as Chain Testing.