Company Profile

Apart from successfully delivering solutions and supplying talented consultants and services to its clients in a broad way, along with fifteen years of experience in satisfying its customers, it built strong with next-generation services, which include Expert SMEs, Talent Enablement services, Managed Testing Services, BI Services, GRC Service, Cloud-based Solutions and Corporate Training.

We are second to none of recruitment services and on the other hand we also carry own database of IT professionals with skills and specialties covering the whole technology spectrum.

Being serving our core offerings includes Consulting, Outsourcing services worldwide, DigitalData Consulting provide cloud based software test automation solution called Web-Based Test services to the firms, also find IT experts at Web-Based Expert.

As one of the biggest competitors of IT services companies, our delivery centres also serving services to the numerous clients in the UK and Netherlands.

Our Expertise

Software Testing Services

Organizations are searching for new methods to cut testing costs while enlarging testing scalability. We advise you Instead of testing for quality at the final stage..

Business Intelligence Services

The potentiality to gather and examine internal and external data can prescribe how good an organization can produce knowledge and at last value...

IT Services

For maximum flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust strategy is critical. DigitalData Consulting Services offering helps companies...

GRC Services

In today’s ever changing highly competitive business environment, it’s a key factor to take a holistic view of governance, risk and compliance...

Consulting Services

Transform the way you do business by optimizing processes, aligning with business needs, supporting operations, and designing effective risk management strategies...

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients to achieve their business goals using affordable web and software applications and solutions.

Offer you a simplified software testing solutions and also to deliver services according to your requirements so that you can quickly fuel the growth of your business enterprise. We run our business with trust, privacy, dedication and image, maintaining customer and client satisfaction forward. We continue to update ourselves in terms of upcoming and the best technologies to develop Web Services and Software Solutions for our customers as per their need.

Our Vision

As all-round software savvy, our desirable medium to delivering IT security, services and solutions is IT Management. Inside the next few years we strategize to become a top service provider of software solutions and leading corporate trainer

We would like to penetrate the world market place to fetch right solution for you to escalate your business. DigitalData Consulting is concentrated on delivering solutions for an effective environment where business and technology strategies meet. Our goal is to serve our corporate clients with the most cost -effective and healthy revenue generating services. Our aim is to make your business prosper through our services and expertise. We secure, innovate and tailor-make our technology offerings to Set with the Future.

Our Values

It’s by the values mentioned below that we operate our firm and conduct business with our people.

Trustworthy: Our customers believe us with their business. Often we required to know all about your business in order to offer services for your company. Our customers know and believe that the information that they share would be confidential and stays with us. Our customers know that they can believe that we will deliver when we give a word.

Honesty: Often ignored but we trust that honesty will give a good experience between ourselves and the customer.

Reliable: Keeping it shortly, we have never let a client to show thumbs down before; we always complete what we begin with.

Focus on the Market

  • We concentrate on the requirements of our clients, consumers, and partners.
  • We study, obey, and sink ourselves in the market.
  • We focus on future trends.

Quality at work

In the sphere of providing solutions, in everything we do, we are dedicated to expanding world’s best practices in software technology. Aspired results are only met through consistent quality.