GRC Services

In today’s ever changing highly competitive business environment, it’s a key factor to take a holistic view of governance, risk and compliance. Our GRC services help you to have a deep insight into strategies, marketing and risk management. Our Consulting and business process outsourcing services spanning governance, risk and compliance are capable to produce opportunities in the risk management market.

Our GRC help firms in creating an integrated cycle of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives. On the other hand working directly with our clients, we also put an effort to build strategic partnerships with top security, compliance and risk assessment firms as an improvement of our service offerings.

IT Governance Assessment

To get the most out with business benefits of using IT, a well-designed effort required to function between technology and business/market experts. Neatly guided IT governance policies and processes will drive the organization towards exploring benefits IT usage.

A planned IT governance framework assists business in a great way through the following factors.

  • Aligning IT to business goals
  • Responsible use of IT resources
  • Reducing IT related risks
  • Utilizing information for strategic decision making


Our IT Governance Assessment reckon the IT processes to assure that full benefit is achieved from innovative beginnings of IT and operations


BCP and DRP Design

To Ensure Uninterrupted Business is a big compliance need for firms dealing sensitive data and systems Well organized and tested BCP and Disaster Recovery Plan assures data security and assist them immediately recover to normal state in the effect of any disruptions linked with disasters

We assist enterprises have a strong BC/DR plan in place that works


Customer Benefits

  • Increased assurance to customers
  • Fast recovery in case of disasters and interruptions
  • Better prepared staff
  • Increased sense of security and availability


Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

In the fast moving forward technology, almost every moment, new vulnerabilities are detected, and we ensure that your information systems are resistant to the new vulnerabilities by checking the faults and updates to be done.

Our full vulnerability scanning methodology makes sure that all information systems and their services checked for vulnerability scanning


Customer Benefits

  • Vulnerability assessment that covers all types of
  • Information systems
  • Vulnerability prioritization
  • Vulnerability exploitation
  • Recommendations
  • Report of the findings


Application Security Testing

Web applications are turned out to be vital tools for businesses across the world. The vulnerabilities prevalence is producing great loss and leak of data for many enterprises

The results of ignoring security during the SDLC phase are evident and it is becoming worse At Digitaldata Consulting application testing service eyes at finding vulnerabilities that may cause huge loss to data and application availability.

The final report written covers the security vulnerabilities in the design, application hosting environment and also the application.

IT Infrastructure Review

This service targets at carrying out careful review of IT infrastructure security vulnerabilities at configuration level

A badly configured device always show threat of information loss and exposure

Our professionals coordinate with your technical team to include your network devices, operating system configurations, wireless devices and other information systems to study any risks that pop up from vulnerabilities that pop up from configuration breaches

Customer Benefits

  • Early finding of vulnerabilities
  • Reviews security architecture of networks and Information Systems
  • Indentifies potential information leakage points
  • Offers the overview of vulnerabilities that arise from Misconfigurations

Internal Audit Co-sourcing

Digitaldata Consulting Internal Audit Co-Sourcing service targets at helping enterprises in implementing internal audits effectively.

Organizations that search for external expertise in assisting them conduct internal audits gain from this service. Our experts will coordinate with your internal teams in designing implementing and reporting internal audits.

By giving a chance to our team of professionals enterprises face the following benefits

  • Access to auditors with huge industry experience
  • Offers training to internal teams
  • Quality
  • Independent opinion
  • New understandings to management in the area of quality and risk.