On Demand BI Solutions

On Demand BI Solutions

An On Demand BI solution makes business intelligence very much easier in the following ways: Inexpensive:With very inexpensive and pay-as-you-go monthly pricing makes outdated activity of paying whooping licensing fees in advance and annual support fees for installing BI software.

Fast & Easy Setup:On Demand BI saves a lot of setup and carrying out time. With an on-demand BI application, can hit the road running.

Simple to Use: Conventional BI tools have been immensely complex, making them difficult to use. Our solution has a spreadsheet-like interface, which are just simple for Microsoft Excel users.

Simpler Collaboration: Being on the cloud means easier collaboration. Not required to email spreadsheets & reports or so. Just sharing an URL will perform.

Very soft Access Control: As an OnDemand solution will not run away from offering access control features that businesses required. One can set controls on the data and reports being shared.

Web APIs: HTTP based REST APIs makes our tool a real OnDemand BI solution on the net. If you are an independent software vendor (ISV), you can integrate with our tool into your product or application.

Investigate, report, and share data on the cloud. Our on-demand business intelligence (BI) software can provide your people the assist and visibility they require to make quicker, more informed decisions – with no time-taking hardware or software installations.

  • Give business people self-service access to a full set of analytic solutions
  • Quicken up your business production with spontaneous data research, reporting, and sharing
  • Low-priced OnDemand BI Service
  • Synchronize data from spreadsheets, web or conventional applications
  • Develop effective reports and dashboards in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Share reports and dashboards with important performance indicators
  • Get quick time to assess with low price, subscription-based pricing


In a tough economy, smart businesses are looking for every chance to enhance performance while reducing costs. BI solutions are in demand as firms look to make the best use of the efficiency, effectiveness, and their competitive edge. On-demand BI solutions, which are hosted solutions reached over the Internet, provide the advantages of traditional BI while bettering the economic bottom line. These solutions offer mighty and flexible business insight but are quicker, easier, and inexpensive than conventional “behind-the-firewall” solutions.

The business benefits of on-demand BI are enforcing and literal:

Increased Access, Full Results Traditional solutions look to be low cost and IT resource intensive, limiting their availability to a bunch of committed analysts. On-demand solutions are very easy, inexpensive to deploy, and need a little expertise to use. Thus leading to more accessible to business users’ entire the organization.

A quicker “time to value” lets for a faster return on investment. On-demand BI solutions provide quick deployment and simple tailoring stuff. Unlike conventional BI carrying outs, which can pick year to year and half months or longer, on-demand BI solutions can normally be up and operating in only a few weeks.

Current maintenance and custom making is also quick and simple. All software upgrades and architectural alterations are dealt by the vendor and automatically handed over to the client.

  • Less implementation and current costs
  • There are fixed in advance costs and IT resource needs.
  • Scalability- Easily scale from small to enterprise level.
  • Flexibility-Rapidly adjust to varying business requirements
  • Greater Visibility – With minimal effort share data and reports, even beyond the firewall.
  • Low Risk, Great Reward